Rapid development demands changes in the packaging industry

Countries experiencing rapid developments leads to new opportunities for a number of industries – the package industry being one of them. We see new trends pop up frequently, making it hard to keep up with the latest news. We share two of the latest trends that the packaging industry should keep an eye out for right now.

Two trends impacting the packaging industry right now:

  • Convenience
  • sustainability

On the go’s the way to go

Convenience is key for the modern consumers with busy lifestyles. With changing consumption habits and more activities there’s less time for preparing meals. This is causing a larger demand on packages that are easy to take with you, wherever you’re on the go to.

Smaller, lighter and more easily disposable are all factors that should be considered when designing – all making consumption on-the-go easier. Creating packages that are unique and innovative is a goal for many. A product that stands out on from the crowd with a fresh appeal on the shelves drives sales. But it’s important to consider the fact that what the consumers really are seeking for are products that meet the needs of their busy lifestyles.

It’s cool to care

The awareness regarding the global environmental issues are increasing. This is leading to a change in consumers buying habits. With more and more customers actively seeking out signs on packaging showing the manufacturers having a green conscience, sustainability is a must to take under consideration when in the packaging industry. Although labels and signs can be a great way of showing what the brand stands for, they can also confuse if too many. Feeling overloaded with information can cause to questioning of authenticity and transparency. Keep it clean and simple.

Consumers are more informed than ever.  They are also much more curios about the products they are purchasing, leading them to ask more and more questions. Not only do they want to know if the manufacturers have a green conscience, they want to know where the product comes from, how it was made and what the products recycling credentials are like. The manufactures creating packages that gives answers to all of these in an engaging way, without leaving the consumers feeling overwhelmed by information, will be the winners when it comes to attracting, relating to, and keeping consumers.